What should a good CV of… project manager bring?

The position of project manager is associated with a Big responsibility and even high volume of work. Similarly, your salary is commensurate with these characteristics. Virtually all large companies need these professionals. It’s about a highly coveted position which not everyone can access. But the competence is big. If you want highlight your candidacy in this profession, these tips to write your CV will be very useful.

Experience is a degree

The perfect CV of project manager focuses mainly on highlight the experience. How much more varied be better. This will indicate that you are able to adapt to different situations and that you have a great ability to solve problems. If this is not your case at the moment, don’t worry. You can continue highlighting it in the small summary of your CV that you will put as a header. This summarized cover letter in a few lines has to draw attention to your strengths, the sector in which you have worked and your motivations.

Highlight your training

Your training as project manager It’s fundamental. Recruiters are very interested to know What have you studied Y where have you done it. If you also have specialized training In a specific master or course it is important that you highlight it. You must include it briefly in the small summary that heads your CV. But also in a specific section. It is convenient that this section appears on the side of your document that is well visible. Under it include the certificates and diplomas you have. And right after you must also add the Languages what you drive.

Highlight your achievements as a project manager

The skills that should not be missing

On the right side of your CV and just below your small curriculum summary include your competencies or your strong and soft skills.

Between the hard skills the most appreciated are budget control, design, marketing, knowledge of business strategies and computer programs, management of databases and programming languages.

The soft skills Most sought after include excellent oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, leadership, problem solving, adaptability, time management, and planning.

Highlight your achievements as a project manager

Companies that need a project manager they want to know what they can expect from you. So that you candidacy be only and make you stand out you must highlight your successes. Do not include boring descriptions of the tasks developed in each position because in broad strokes they are usually always the same. Instead of this, affects the results that you have obtained in the positions that you have occupied. These achievements should be detailed below each experience And be well visible. Highlight them with a heading within each work experience.

Some examples of your achievements can be the reduction of costs that you have achieved, the development of programs that have allowed the team to meet deadlines or the increase in business and customer satisfaction.

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