Requirements to collect unemployment

If you have become unemployed, it is not essential that you have been working for a year to collect unemployment assistance. On this occasion we will talk about what you will charge if you lose your job and what are the requirements to collect unemployment while you dedicate yourself to find a new job.

Requirements to collect unemployment benefits or collect unemployment benefits

These are the requirements that you are asked to meet when receiving State unemployment assistance:

  • Have contributed to Social Security. In the following sections we explain this point in more detail.
  • Register as a job seeker. It is not enough to be unemployed, you have to register as a plaintiff at your SEPE office.
  • Sign the activity commitment. That is, you commit to an active job search.
  • Not having income that contributes more than 75% of the monthly income minimum interprofessional wage (SMI). This amount is calculated without counting the proportional part of the two extraordinary payments.
  • Not having fulfilled the retirement age.

All these requirements must be fulfilled throughout the service.

And don’t forget seal the strike. Remember you can do it on-line. Or, for example, if you invoice a job, notify your SEPE office (formerly INEM) so that they take it into account and readjust the benefit for the following month.

Also notify if you do a part-time job (you will have to show the contract). On the other hand, go to the subpoenas that come from your office with regard to participating in specific actions of motivation, information, orientation, training, retraining or professional insertion to improve your employability.

Requirements to request unemployment

If you have worked (and contributed) less than a year, you can request unemployment benefit

One of the issues that will make the months you are entitled to unemployment benefit vary is if you have family charges. Family responsibilities assume that you are dependent on children under 26 years of age, a spouse or a person with a disability. That they are in your charge means (in the sense that matters here) that they depend financially on you. That is, they should not receive income that exceeds 75% of the SMI. The total sum of money that comes into the house each month distributed among each member of the family must not exceed this percentage of the SMI.

  • If you have family dependents, you are asked to have contributed to Social Security during at least 3 months. You will have the right to collect the subsidy for as many months as you have contributed: 3 if you contributed 3, 4 if 4 and 5 if 5. From 6 months, you will have the right to collect the aid for 21 months.
  • In case of not having family responsibilities, you are asked to have contributed at least 6 months. The aid will last for 6 months.

If you have worked (and contributed) for more than a year, what else is required of you to collect unemployment benefits?

You will have a series of conditions added to the common requirements to meet to collect unemployment benefit:

  • You must have contributed 360 days within the 6 years prior to being unemployed.
  • In addition to signing the activity commitment, you will have to accept a proper placement. If employment services send you a vacancy, you have to apply. Otherwise, you can be penalized and lose your unemployment benefit.
  • You cannot be working as a salaried employee or as a full-time self-employed person, except for compatibility established by an employment promotion program.
  • You cannot be collecting a Social Security pension incompatible with work.

The duration of the benefit will depend on the time you have contributed in the last 6 years, unless it has been taken into account for a previous benefit. You can check the table on the SEPE website.

Finally, some good news for those who have worked part time: each day worked is counted as a paid day. That is to say, the type of working day that you fulfilled if you are in this case does not affect the time that you will be able to collect unemployment.

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