Missing work without justification?

Sometimes people need time to resolve an issue or simply to rest from a period of high stress or workload. The normal thing is that in the private business sphere the possibility of requesting a day for one’s own business is not contemplated. And in many companies the opportunities to miss work are very rare. In these circumstances some employees choose to lie. But this can have consequences. Keep reading to know more.

Why are you missing work?

Unfortunately, most of the Spanish private companies contemplate a very limited number of possibilities to be able to miss work. In general, all of them tend to cover only the cases contemplated in the Workers’ Statute. It is the minimum general standard. This means that, for example, to be able to attend a medical appointment only a few hours are allowed – per year! If we take into account that most of the workers have split days, it turns out that they can only have a medical appointment on vacation.

The most common reasons for missing work

Some people choose to find excuses to miss work. Among the most common circumstances to do so are a terrible employment situation, difficulties in conciliation and lack of responsibility on the part of the worker.

Employment situation. From an excessive workload without paying correctly to a toxic environment in the position. Also stop “heating the chair” to leave before the rest of the classmates, even if they work overtime out of habit. And even if the job is done. Sometimes absences become the only resource for the worker to recover the extra time that the company has required him to dedicate.

Family conciliation. For some years the law has tried to improve the possibilities of workers to be able to reconcile their work with their family life. But in most cases this is only achieved with a reduction in working hours. Which also implies a salary reduction. And not everyone can afford it. Time to take care of your children after school or take your parents to the doctor fall into this category.

Lack of responsibility. It is related to the first point, the situation in the workplace. The worse the conditions of the position, the less involvement of the worker with the company. For this reason, in some cases, employees do not go to work to dedicate themselves to their own leisure. From playing video games to going to a festival. Or even have a hangover. In general, this is usually the reason why people do not go to work on Monday or Friday. And not coming these days sets off all the alarms.

Los motivos más frecuentes para faltar al trabajo

Justify absences from work

Sometimes the reason for missing work is so serious that it is justified on its own. A close relative has had an accident and they call you from the hospital, or a relative has died, or you are seriously ill. The problem is that in all cases, the law provides that this type of offense is justified and not in all cases it can be done.

For example, your older uncle who has no other family than you has had a heart attack. As you are not related by direct line, you cannot justify your absence, unless the company understands your special circumstances. And that you can negotiate to recover that time.

The problem is that some people use such serious arguments as excuses. In any case, not justifying the absence from work can have consequences. From a reduction in salary according to the time that the dismissal has been missed, through a sanction.

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