Job fairs: how they are organized and what opportunities do they offer you

Sometimes you have the feeling that the “ocean” of work is vast and those who can hire “maritime” personnel are not even going to see you in your brand new “boat”. The job fairs they would be like a great port with parties to meet the “captains”.

In fact, the word fair originally means the «holidays of the forum”, Which was the meeting place where business took place. These job fairs offer you that crossroads that, if you plan well, can lead you to success.

Pandemic job fairs

The meeting among final year students especially or young people in search of the opportunity to demonstrate their talent in the labor market has been successfully carried out in the job fairs. However, given the security measures, some of them have not wanted to lose this year and will be developed in Format on-line or mixed.

Keep in mind that it is interesting monetize your effort to find a job in a space like these fairs, either in person or virtually. On some occasions, it is planned that part of the activities or presentations will be face-to-face, and others, such as visiting the stands, will be on-line. This is the so-called mixed mode. The main issue is to optimize the time and energy you invest in achieving your work goal.

What can you find at a job fair?

First of all, some of these fairs are thematic and are designed for certain careers or for offer concrete outputs professionals. Therefore, you can to select the one that best suits your work interests.

On the other hand, think that many of the intermediate companies they receive hundreds of CVs a day. The ability to speak with company human resources or marketing personnel, directly, or in the webinars or through mailbox of the stand, gives you the opportunity to stand out, that is, to value what distinguishes you, your talent.

What can you find at a job fair?

Some of the best known fairs

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 calendar featured postponements and cancellations at many events, including job fairs. East 2021 you have a chance to visit way on-line also those that are not promoted in the city you live in or where you want to work.

Here you can check the ones that are scheduled before the summer:

  • XVII Employment Forum 2021: scheduled from February 15 to 19, that is, this week. Exclusively aimed at students of the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • VII UAM Employability Week: from February 15 to 19. The dates coincide, so reserve those days in your agenda to take advantage of all the opportunities and attend all the possible presentations.
  • UCM virtual employment forum: from March 9 to 11. Aimed at students and graduates of the Complutense University of Madrid. The objective is that companies can attract the best talent.
  • Satelec, Employment and Technology Forum: March 9 and 10.
  • VII Feed, Meeting of Digital Talent. March 25 and 26 at La Nave (C / Cifuentes, 5, Madrid). In this fair, in addition to the meeting with 100 exhibitors during these days, the participating companies are offered the digital recruitment throughout the year, the blog, networks and events. In turn, it coincides with the Artificial Intelligence / Virtual Reality and Big Data Congress. The intersection of both events is an occasion to attract the ICT talent. You will be able to demonstrate your digital skills and attend high-level lectures on smart cities, 5G networks or robotics workshops.

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