Examples of original CVs that can make your candidacy stand out

Today’s job market is in high demand and in short supply of jobs. In this situation where more and more people are competing for the same position, recruiters are faced with many CVs. Most of these documents are very similar to each other. For this reason, from HR they appreciate being surprised to get out of the monotony. Thus, we encourage you to submit an original CV to capture their attention. Here are some ideas that can inspire you to make your candidacy stand out.

The classic CV vs. Original CV

There are two models CV generals classics: the continuous and the divided into columns.

  • Continuous: Each section is followed by the next.
  • In columns: the column of the left it is broader and contains work experience. The of the right it is narrower and reflects training, languages ​​and skills.

The Original CV does not fit any of the above formats. Present the information following other patterns. But in them, what always prevails visual and design. The objective is to highlight the information so that it can be grasped in a single glance.

Personal branding

No matter what CV format you choose, each worker must have their own personal brand. A set of own characteristics, from skills and of work experience that make you unique. It is no longer just about highlighting these personal properties. Now the goal is to know how to sell them. It is of little use to have been an excellent worker if you do not know promote that experience. It will go unnoticed. Must advertise. HR departments don’t have time to delve into the CVs they receive. They dedicate a maximum of 20 seconds to the first glance that will discard or choose the CVs of the first selection.

Original CV templates

An original CV does not even have to be on paper. New technologies allow you to create a CV in multiple formats, from videos to web pages. No matter what support you choose, you can include infographics, pictograms, timelines, diagrams or any other attention-grabbing resource. This reduces the amount of repetitive information. And you should always take into account what the company is looking for for each job. Here are some examples.

Transportation plan: training, experience and skills in one

Through a model based on transport networks You can present all the relevant information from your CV. Associate your training, experience and skills to a color and a number. Each of these colors and numbers will develop a line, with different points or «stops» for each success, experience or knowledge. These lines will intersect in some connections, as a «correspondence». Includes on one side a little legend, as in the transport plans.

Programs and applications

There are several programs that will allow you to choose from a wide variety of original CV templates. Canva, Kinzaa or Visme are some examples. Choose the model that best suits you, to your experience and to the position you are applying for. And take advantage of all visual resources that offers you: infographics, diagrams and icons. Another option is to make a short video, with real images or drawings. Step by step you will show your trajectory. You can upload it to different platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo or any social network and include the link in your CV or in your cover letter.

Some examples of original CV

  • Video: Núria Fusté has made a video-CV in which the common thread is his love of baking. The skills required for this hobby they coincide with those of her profession as a child teacher and define it as a professional. He posted it on YouTube and has received numerous visits and likes.
  • App: Through the app landbot.io David Vidal, dedicated to marketing and communication, he wrote his CV as a WhatsApp conversation between him and the HR person. In addition to his photo, he included links to videos of his work experiences and his profile on LinkedIn.

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