Employment in Sustainability and Environment: Sustainable Technology Solutions and Projects Analyst

The number of jobs related to sustainability and the environment It is growing. The 2030 Agenda, the promotion of green policies from the European Union and a growing awareness of the need to put a stop to modes of production that do not respect the environment point great expectations for these types of jobs. UNIR in collaboration with Infoempleo has prepared the Guide to Employment in Sustainability and Environment to know which will be the most demanded profiles in this area. Today we are talking about the Sustainable Technology Projects and Solutions Analyst.

Minimize resources, maximize the value proposition for the customer

Surely you have heard of activities that achieve completely reduce the waste left by its production, the zero waste. A little what your grandmother did, something like measuring the milk that was heated in the saucepan with a glass so as not to waste anything. Is anti-waste mentality it also applies to industrial and technology production. They call it methodologies Read and they are oriented to use the minimum amount of resources.

The key to achieving this is in the design of the entire production process and its accompaniment in order to identify possible errors as soon as possible and correct them. Those who take care of this are the Sustainable Technology Solutions and Projects Analysts.


What are the functions of a Sustainable Technology Solutions Analyst?

The main function of a Sustainable Technology Solutions Analyst is to monitor that technology production occurs in the best conditions, in the most profitable and sustainable.

The way we often do things it is not sustainable or efficient. It may be that resources are being spent, that the full potential of some instrument or material is not being used or that valuable elements are being discarded. Also it is ineffective to spend too much time doing something or do things that do not add value, for which a customer would not be willing to pay.

The task of these professionals encompasses the entire process of incorporation of this optimization logic. From project design and planning to subsequent budget negotiation. Once approved, he would take care of implementation in the organization. Once the project is finished, it will evaluate and certify both the results and the final costs.

Employment in Sustainability and Environment

Research and implementation in this profile

The research is a fundamental part within the work of this profile. R&D measures can culminate in the registration of a patent that endorses a sustainability process.

It is a position that has transversal characteristics Because the use of technology is already the responsibility of all areas within the company, but also of different sectors and activities. The proper functions are also those of Risks evaluation, quality control and the implementation of pilot programs.

The training of a Sustainable Technology Solutions Analyst

The academic profile of these professionals is fundamentally related to Informatics Engineering and the whole range of related knowledge such as Computer Engineering, Electronic Communications Engineering, Engineering and Data Systems, Telematics Engineering, or Telecommunications Systems Engineering.

But the specialization of this profile occurs thanks to the training in the excellence in project management. It is very common to find doctorates and masters in their curricula related to manufacturing Read in combination with studies in Process Quality, Environmental or Occupational Risk Prevention.

Skills highly valued in Sustainable Technology Solutions Analysts

Among the most valued traits in these professionals is the ability to negotiate. You will have to defend both budgets and a human and technical resource management proposal. A good leadership talent is essential to concentrate efforts and inoculate the spirit of sustainability and keep teams well oriented.

Anticipation and planning must be in the DNA of the behavior of a Sustainable Technology Solutions Analyst. They are essential to minimize risks and anticipate with solutions to the probable appearance of conflicts that may arise within the organization during these delicate processes.

So that you can hear first-hand what issues are important in the performance of your profession, we leave you an interview with Alberto Vilela Catalán, Director of Lean Projects at SGS Productivity.

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