Elevator pitch: sell yourself as a professional in a minute

The elevator pitch It consists of a small talk about your professional profile that lasts one minute or less. The length of an elevator ride. It will help you promote your candidacy at any time, wherever you see the opportunity. You can make it look like a rant or make it sound very natural and spontaneous. If you prefer the second option, keep reading. We help you guide your elevator pitch in easy steps.

Ideas to build your elevator pitch

The main thing about this type of speech is that collects your essence and that sounds convincing. It can’t last long, some 20 or 30 seconds it is the ideal. After a minute, a person can lose interest and close down to continue listening.

Follow the structure that we propose and you will have a well-prepared elevator speech:

1. Throw the hook

It begins with a powerful beginning, something that directly challenges whoever listens to you. Surprising data related to your activity or sector tend to work very well. It is about introducing a hook that encourages you to continue listening. It’s a good idea to introduce a start like «You know what …?» or «Can you believe that …?»

2. Who are you?

Introduce yourself very briefly and say what you do. But more than stating your profession, experts advise mentioning what service do you give to society or to a group of people. For example, an architect may say that she is dedicated to «building spaces where people feel happy.» It goes without saying «I’m an architect.» The title or what endorses you as a professional will be mentioned a few seconds later.

3. What is your worth?

Tell how you can serve as a professional. If you talk to someone who has the possibility of hiring you or recommending you to be hired, you have to make it very easy for them. What do they gain by hiring you? Wait, you don’t need to bring up your degree or experience yet. Continuing with the example of the architect, I could continue with «I know how to get your clients to get excited simply by looking at a corner of a house built by you, until that final point of detail.»

4. Why you?

Now yes, the most important titles or mentions or tremendously significant experiences come. It has to be very short, about 5-7 seconds. These will be the reasons you give for them to choose you and not someone else. You may prefer to focus your worth on a very specific skill or qualification that you know will attract attention.

5. Call to action

Spend the last few seconds introducing a call to action. That is, ask your interlocutor for a card or offer him yours, or his email or another form of contact. Tell him that he will receive a message from you shortly with your candidacy so that he will take it into account.

Examples of elevator pitch that will inspire you

In the United States and in the Anglo-Saxon countries in general they have a long tradition in rhetorical discourses. They attach great importance to adequately communicate an idea, a project or a certain knowledge. The technique of elevator pitch it is so widespread that contests are held, such as the one at the University of Utah. Surely you can extract good ideas from one of its winners:

Another prestigious contest is the one organized by the University of Dayton. This is the one from the 2012 winner:

You will see this exhibition model in numerous series and films. In this snippet of 21 Blackjack Tips are given on how to build it:

And there is no better hook than the one that Melanie Griffith manages to throw in Woman weapons to then star in a genuine elevator pitch:

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