Ecommerce for entrepreneurs: Where to start?

If you are the entrepreneur or the company you work for has to launch into the virtual market, that is, the online market, after the basic notions that you are going to see here, pay attention to this keyword: segment. Yes, in the same way that you would choose the premises, the area and the decoration of the company in a way that is consistent with the product you offer, in the vast ocean of e-commerce, a successful strategy is to define the target.

That is, to whom the product or service and the marketing you define is directed. Again, the key is the customer experience.

Ecommerce for Entrepreneurs: How to Get Started

After the pandemic, there are more possibilities and facilities to sell products or services over the Internet, but the number of competitors also grows exponentially. The first steps to «walk» on these waters are to choose a suitable and trustworthy platform, train yourself if you need digital tools, especially in terms of SEO, and offer secure transactions.

Slowly. As the expected amount of ecommerce sales has doubled, various platforms have also emerged, very intuitive and easy to use, from which you have to choose. The most used is Shopify, a monthly payment SaaS (Software as a Service), mainly because it requires little investment in technology, so you can immediately expose the catalog and start billing. Whichever option you choose, remember that technology has to adapt to your business needs and not the other way around.

Unlike when you try to open a traditional store, in ecommerce you will not find the licensing barriers or legal conditions to develop the project. However, you will have to solve your own questions such as positioning the content by working on SEO or guaranteeing the confidentiality of customer data and their financial security when buying your products or services.

Ecommerce for entrepreneurs

Ecommerce for Entrepreneurs: How to Get Started

Keys to consolidate ecommerce
As you know, collecting the customer’s experience will give you the clues you need to improve your project. And now you are not limited only to the environment of a possible physical store, but potential customers are national and international. The advantage is that you do not have to risk buying previously from suppliers or committing a stock, because in ecommerce you can buy the inventory after making the sale. This method is known as dropshipping.

The question to survive as a small business or entrepreneur is to work in omnichannel, that is, not limit yourself to e-commerce. Combine different media: mailing, products in a physical store or hybrid campaigns. Similarly, don’t limit yourself to online providers, you can also work with physical services. As always: the best product at the best price.

Just keep in mind that by selling digital products, like an e-book or downloadable music, you save on distribution logistics. In addition to the waiting time for receipt by the client. But but you have to invest in security and control of transactions. You will no longer be able to inventory the stock in the warehouse, as there are no physical items to review. One download does not alter the stock.

Finally, always remember to reserve a space for customers to leave comments. Encouraging participation and facilitating contact, with a contact telephone number, a customer chat or the company’s email, are trustworthy creators that will help position your brand.

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